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Special Hazardous Waste Collection And Electronics Recycling Event for Mercer County Schools

The Mercer County Improvement Authority (MCIA) has scheduled its Hazardous Waste Collection And Electronics Recycling Event for Mercer County Schools for 2023.

MCIASchoolsRecyclingThe Mercer County Improvement Authority will hold its Hazardous Waste Collection And Electronics Recycling Events for Mercer County Schools on Friday, June 9, 2023 from 9 am - 12 noon.  The event will be held rain or shine at the John T. Dempster Fire Academy, Bakers Basin/Lawrence Station Rd., in Lawrence Township. 

The following items will be collected:

Recycling: Hazardous Waste Disposal

         What to Bring:

  • Paint thinner
  • Oil-based paint
  • Stain/varnishes
  • Propane gas tanks
  • Car batteries
  • Florescent Bulbs/CFL's
  • Incandescent/Compact Energy Saving Light Bulbs
  • Ballasts

All bulbs must be boxed and tightly sealed.

No Latex Paint will be accepted.

Disposal Procedures for Latex Paint:

  1. Latex paint must be dried out by absorbent
  2. Place sand, kitty litter or speedy dry into paint. (Absorbent)
  3. Once Paint is absorbed, place lid back on paint can
  4. Place paint can in plastic bag.
  5. Place plastic bag out for regular trash collection

Used Electronics Collection



PC’s (Central Unit) Monitors Modems
Printers Keyboards Mouses
Fax Machines Copiers Circuit Boards
Televisions Electrical Wire Stereo Equipment
Laptops Laptop Peripherals Scanners
Phones Telecommunications Networking Equipment
VCR's Camera Equipment Electronic Smart/Wipe Boards


What NOT to Bring:

School laboratory chemicals latex paint
Unknown chemicals Household Batteries
Acid based products Handheld radio batteries
Pesticides No Computer batteries
Custodial cleaning supplies No Drill Batteries
Calcium Chloride pellets No Fire Alarm Panel Batteries
Radioactive materials No Battery Cabinets
Explosives and munitions No Broken Monitor Stands
Agent Orange 2,5,5-T or Dioxin No Walkie Talkies
Infectious Waste Air Conditioners
Helium and Oxygen Tanks Dehumidifier
Asbestos No Switches
Mercury No Radioactive Exit Signs
Tires 400 watt metal halide lamps
Railroad ties No Metal nuts and bolts
Wood No Toner Cartridges
Fencing Silvex


This event is for Mercer County Schools Only.  For more information contact Anil Sharma, Senior Environmental Health Specialist at 609-278-7165 or 609-989-6863 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please use the following forms to accompany your drop offs: