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Municipal Alliance Committee

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Ewing Municipal Alliance Committee
Ewing Municipal Building
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Municipal Alliance Meeting Schedule

16 Jul
17 Sep
19 Nov

Municipal Alliance Committee Information

The Municipal Alliance Committee, also known as the "Ewing Drug/Alcohol Awareness Committee (EDAC)," was authorized in 1998 to identify the needs of the community with respect to alcoholism and drug prevention education and to implement and support programs consistent with the policies and procedures of the Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.  The committee is appointed by the Mayor, with the advice and consent of the Township Council, and members serve one year terms.


The Committee consists of up to 20 regular members and associate members.  Membership includes a broad representation from the Township and also includes the following official appointees:

  • Member of the Township Council, appointed by the Township Council
  • Township Health Official or designee
  • Chief of Police or designee
  • Municipal Court Judge or designee
  • Township School District Superintendent or designee
  • Private citizens and civic and business representatives. At least 50% of the members must be residents of the Township
  • The Committee may retain a Coordinator and/or Prevention Specialist, who is a regular member, at a compensation to be provided by a professional services agreement as determined by Township Council


Members of the Municipal Alliance Committee designate one of their members to serve as Chair and presiding officer and may also designate other officers as they deem necessary.

Committee to establish bylaws and keep minutes

The Municipal Alliance Committee established bylaws and keeps minutes of all Committee meetings. A quorum of the Committee is required for action to be taken by it; a quorum is 50% of the Committee membership plus one.

Sponsored Programs and Events

  • Post Prom
    This provides a substance free, after the prom event for all students and their guests. To get parents to pledge not to have prom parties with alcohol available. 
  • National Night Out
    Disseminate prevention and educational materials to community.
  • Sticker Shock
    A program offered sporadically to reach adults who might purchase alcohol illegally and provide it to minors. Stickers warning about the penalties for furnishing alcohol to minors are placed on cases of alcohol beverages, as well as pizza boxes.

More information

The Ewing Municipal Alliance also maintains an independent website at

Board Members

Bert Steinmann, Mayor 
George Long - Alliance Coordinator 
Dr. David Gentile- Supt of Schools 
Lori Amison - Student Asst Coord. Fisher 
Kellie Tonelli 
Lisette Ortiz 
Kelly Nitti 
Patty Heenan  
Chief Al Rhodes
Various Students – Student Reps SADD 
Denise Lugo-Fowler 
Christopher Freeman 
Sharon McNellis-Kissel - Ewing Health Officer 
Post Prom Parents
Sara Gardiner
Lauren Boose
Jason Collins 
Heather Osowski 
Kathryn Schreiber
Malissa Arnold 
Jessica Nitti 
Kathleen Wollert (Council Liaison) 

Appointments are for one year terms expiring 12/31/24