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Rent Control Board


Mailing Address
Rent Control Board
Ewing Municipal Building
2 Jake Garzio Drive
Ewing, NJ 08628
p: (609)-436-1200 (attorney)

Board Members

Charles Geter - Chair [Term exp. 12/31/24]
Howard Greenberg [Term exp. 12/31/24]
Bruce Angebranndt [Term exp. 12/31/24]
Shirley Hicks [Term exp. 12/31/24]
Shannon Johnson [Term exp. 12/31/24]
Albertha Waldron [Term exp. 12/31/2024]

Edwin Schmierer - Rent Control Attorney

Rent Control Board Information

The Rent Control board was created in 1998 to administer protections for senior citizen and the disabled tenants under Ewing Ordinances Chapter 14, Article IV.   It works with landlords and tenants to help them comply with the provisions of the Township codes.

The Board has the power to reduce/increase rent payments, award compensation for and/or direct the landlord to make repairs.


The Board consists of five members appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Township Council, selected on the basis of their qualifications and fitness for service.  Members are appointed for two year terms.  Membership includes:

  • One landlord (who need not be a resident).
  • One tenant (who must be a Township resident).
  • The other three members must be residents of the Township and of neither class above.

Officers and Positions

Members of the Rental Control Board designate one of their members to serve as Chair and appoint other officers as needed at the annual reorganization meeting.  A Secretary will be appointed to the Board by the Mayor. His/her compensation shall be determined by the Mayor in the same manner as he determines other Township salaries. 

The Board is advised by Rent Control Board attorney selected by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Council, pursuant to a professional services resolution.


Funds are appropriated in the Township budget for expenses as it may deem necessary. Requests of the Board for appropriations shall be specific and submitted to the Municipal Clerk for presentation to the Council on or before April 1 of the subsequent fiscal year budget.

Rent Control Board Meeting Schedule

6 Aug
Rent Control Board Meeting
Date 08.06.2024 7:00 pm
3 Sep
Rent Control Board Meeting
09.03.2024 7:00 pm
1 Oct
Rent Control Board Meeting
10.01.2024 7:00 pm
3 Dec
Rent Control Board Meeting
12.03.2024 7:00 pm