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Arts Commission

Photo credit - Ewing artist Mel Antler


Mailing address
Ewing Arts Commission
Ewing Municipal Building
2 Jake Garzio Drive
Ewing, NJ 08628


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Board Members

Melissa Antler  [Term exp. 12/31/25]
Tim Hoh  [Term exp. 12/31/24]
John M. Eason [Term exp. 12/31/25]
Beverly Keese-Kelly [Term exp. 12/31/26]
Mary Lou Byer [Term exp. 12/31/24]
Lisa K. Feldman [Term exp. 12/31/24]
Melissa Bennett [Term exp. 12/31/25]
Lisa Witt-Pinaire [Term exp. 12/31/25]
Taniel Bennett [Term exp. 12/31/26]

Arts Commission Information

The Ewing Arts Commission is an appointed municipal body consisting of 11 members appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Township Council. Members are Township residents, selected on the basis of their qualifications and fitness for service.  Appointments are for a period of three years. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired terms only.


The Arts Commission is a community vehicle for the expansion of the arts and related community activities within Ewing. It is constituted as a non-profit organization with a focus of supporting, developing and expanding the Arts. The goal is to foster freedom in expression of artistic growth and enjoyment within the community of Ewing Township through commitment and dedication.

Open Public Meetings 

The Commission shall designate one of its members to serve as its Chairperson and presiding officer and may designate such other officers as it may deem necessary.    A majority of the whole number of regular members shall constitute a quorum.

Programs and Activities

Featured Artist Program

The Featured Artist Program is a new partnership established late in 2016 between the Ewing Arts Commission and local community arts group, Art Has No Boundaries.  Each month an art installation on the second floor of the Ewing municipal building showcases the two and three dimensional art of local residents.  Art Has No Boundaries provides art programming at the Ewing Senior Community Center. 

More information...

The Ewing Arts Commission also maintains an independent website, located at

Ewing Arts Commission Logo


Arts Commission Pages

The Arts in Ewing - an overview

Ewing Artists' Registry - Sign up to be included in our Ewing directory of artists. 

Arts Commission Meeting Schedule

3 Sep
Ewing Township Arts Commission
Date 09.03.2024 7:00 pm
1 Oct
12 Nov
3 Dec