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Food Truck Requirements

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Ewing Township is pleased you are looking to add to Ewing’s dining experience by operating a food truck at one of our local events/locations. In addition to NJ State requirements such as business and motor vehicle licenses, food trucks are also required to obtain licenses/permits and pass inspections from three different Ewing Township departments: Fire Prevention, Health, and the Municipal Clerk, to operate legally in our community.  We present this overview to simplify the permitting process and inspections.

Municipal Clerk’s Department Permit

The Municipal Clerk serves as the chief administrative officer responsible for the issuance and acceptance of applications for licenses and permits in the Township. Your first step should be to register your business to do business in the Township via the Application for a Mobile Retail Food Establishment License. The fee is based on the time frame for which you are applying:

Annual - $250 | Weekly - $75 | Daily - $30

This license is typically processed within 30 days following a background check by the Chief of Police.

Health Department Permits

The Ewing Township Health Department conducts annual routine inspections of all retail food establishments, including food vehicles, to ensure that State standards are met. This review and approval signifies that the food you serve is being stored and prepared in a safe manner. You will need to submit and have approvals for licenses depending upon whether you are applying for a one-time event or multiple events in a given year.

Yearly food truck licenses require that you apply for a food license annually for your vehicle(s) with the Health Department. The vehicle(s) must also submit to an on-site inspection through coordination with the Health Department. A yearly license allows the vehicle(s) to participate in multiple events within Ewing Township during the licensing year.

A temporary event license (food truck, mobile event, vendor, etc.) requires that a license be applied for prior to each and every event within Ewing Township. Participation in temporary events entails the submission of checklist documentation to the Health Department before the event and within the required time frame (a minimum of 30 days before the event).

The Health Department also requires that applicants provide the following documentation: 

  • A Food Handler’s Certificate or Manager’s Food Safety Certification For Risk Type 3 Establishments
  • A Copy of Retail Food License & Last Inspection Report if Licensed In Another Township / County
  • A Commissary Agreement Document or A Letter From The Commissary Owner Granting Permission To Use The Facility
  • A Copy of The Commissary’s Retail Food License and The Most Recent Inspection Report

Fire Prevention

If your vehicle prepares food using an open flame, you are required to obtain a Fire Safety Permit from the local Fire Marshal as per the Uniform Fire Code. (If the event will occur on State owned property, you will need to contact the NJ Division of Fire Safety, not your local Fire Marshal) This permit is issued per occurrence. The inspector will conduct an on-site inspection the day of the event once the vehicle is set up. The inspector will conduct a basic Fire Prevention inspection of the vehicle to verify that the life safety features are in compliance. This includes, but is not limited to the suppression system having a valid 6 month certification and cleaning, along with proper fire extinguishers on board. You will need to submit and have approvals/inspections for the following:

This license application is typically processed in 10-14 days. You should allow 10-15 minutes for the inspection to be completed before your event.

If you have additional questions, please contact the appropriate offices above left.