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Ewing Township Honor Roll

The citizens of the Township of Ewing gratefully acknowledge those from Ewing  who served.  
Lest we forget.

This Ewing Township Honor Roll honors Township residents who have served in our country's wars.  The small photo on the right is from the dedication of a WWII Honor Roll of residents from the Ewingville area in town that was originally on the corner of Ewingville Road & Rte. 31, next to the what is currently a Citgo station.  The dedication was held on November 21, 1943 with many dignitaries and civic leaders paying tribute to those who were serving our country.  

The Honor Roll stood as a reminder of our WWII heroes until the mid-50s when it was taken down.  John Vernam salvaged it, storing it for nearly 50 years in his barn, until it was donated to Ewing Township.  The Township hoped to restore it, but it was beyond repair.  In about 2000, Harry Masterson worked to have a replica made and installed behind the municipal building.  It was damaged beyond repair in a recent storm and is no longer standing.  

The Township also established plaques representing various periods of service listing Ewing servicemen and women.  These are now located at the Ewing Senior and Community Center (ESCC) on Lower Ferry Road and can be viewed on the wall outside of the Ewing Patriotic Committee office. 


A Purple Heart Walk recognizing Township members of the Armed Forces who earned the Purple Heart for having been wounded, killed, or who died of injuries sustained during service, was established at the Major General George J. Betor Veterans Memorial Park in 1994.  For more information about this memorial go to our Purple Heart Walk page.

The list of our Hometown Heroes below include names of Ewing residents who served in our nation's wars.  It is a work in progress compiled by the Ewing Township Historic Preservation Society.   A new initiative is being established to record veterans and the period in which they served that will be posted to this website.  The project will be monitored by the IT staff and the Patriotic Committee members.  Veterans who have served on active duty during the Cold War Era, Gulf War I, the Iraq War, and in Afghanistan can be included  by submitting their information to the Technology Office at 2 Jake Garzio Drive.  Look for more information coming shortly.

The asterisk (*) following a name indicates that the serviceman/woman died in wartime.

American Revolution (1775-1783)

John Burroughs Israel Carle Benjamin Clarke Jr.
John Dean William Green William B. Green
William R. Green John Guild Benjamin Hendrickson
Amos Howell Daniel Howell Ezekiah Howell  
Israel Howell John Howell John Howell
Peter Howell Timothy Howell William Howell
Benjamin Jones Joshua Jones Ralph Lanning Jr.
Ralph Lanning Sr. Benjamin Moore Israel Moore
Jesse Moore Sackett Moore William S. Moore
Richard Palmer Joseph H. Purdy Andrew Reeder
Isaac Reeder John Reeder Stephen Rose
Amos Scudder Joseph Tindall  

War of 1812 (1812-1815)

Civil War (1861-1865)

Harper Crozer, buried Mercer Cemetery, 1862 *

Spanish American War (1898-1902)

World War I (1917-1918)

Joseph Behm Paul Brophy Frank Conway *
Andrew Dutch Charles Eggert James Estis
Stacy Fine Raymond Forst C.E. Groves
Phillip Harned Lucius Higgins Stewart Hale
Frank Hochschild Elmer Hutchins Clifford Jaeger
Elmer Johns Benjamin Kaufman - Army
(read more)
Egbert Lane
Charles Lanning George Moore Clifford Prall
James Reid William Reed Robert Ryan
Fred Sanford Harris Sernberger Walter Simcox
Leo Vannoy John Vernam Jr. Warren Vernam
Joseph Volk Frank Walsh Harry Walsh
Thomas Walsh Joseph Whitley Ray Whitley
William Whitley Clifford Whitlock Harry Wilson

World War II (1940-1945)

John Abbott John Abbotts William Abbotts 3rd
George H. Alcock Louis M. Anchinsko Chester Anderson Jr.
Kenneth Anderson Jr. William Anderson * William J. Andreas
John Proctor Arthur - Army Maurice C. Bellando; Albert Bennett
John Blackton - Army Ernest M. Boan C. Emmett Brophy
John J. Cashel Clarence H. Cochran H. T. Cochran
Brooks B. Cooper William L. Cubberley John Cullen
Kenneth H. Deith Russell P. Dey Jr. William E. Disbrow - Army
John D. Dow - Air Force Carl Dow William N. Eames John Eberhardt - Army
Robert C. Engle Miller F. Engemann Eileen Fell - Navy
Howard R. Firman Douglas C. Fisher Everett B. Fisher Jr.
William Fort Jr. John Fox Edward R. Gainsborg
Harry J. Geller Jr. Sebastian Giallella - Navy Jack L. Hall - Coast Guard
Leroy B. Harrison John W. Hendrickson - Air Force Leon E. Hendrickson - Navy  
James W. Herbert - Air Force William R. Hibbs Jr. Howard G. Hinkle
William W. Hinkle Richard D. Housner Charles F. Huddy Sr.
Charles F. Huddy Jr. Robert V. Hunt David B. Jackson
Paul H. Jackson T. Bain Jackson Francis C. Jobst *
Harry Klein, Jr. - Army Frank S. Kleinkauf *-Merchant Marines Thomas E. Kucker
Clarence R. Lambert Harold W. Lambert Wilfred N. Lambert
Grace M. Larrabee Regena E. Larrabee Richard D. Larrabee
W. L. Larrabee, Jr. Edward J. Leary Samuel Leventhal
Charles M. Lewis Jesse A. Lewis Charles C. Madden
John E. McLaughlin - Army Richard J. Metz Ray. L. North Jr. *
Anthony D. Peluso Lloyd C. Price Sr. James H. Regan
Warner P. Roberts Walter J. Robinson Jr. Ben W. Rounds
David E. Rounds Stuart B. Rounds Edward E. Saltmer
Fred H. Sandford Jr. Fred Schiable Harold Schiable
Dorsey L. Schiable Paul. E. Schmidt Fred A. Seabridge
John L. Seitz Max H. Seitz Charles Smith - Army
Walter Smith - Army William E. Smith Edward Sneddon - Army
Frank Sochalski- Marines Charles A. Sommers Esther Stackhouse
Claude T. Staten Fred Stahuber Joseph Steigler
Daniel Sullivan John L. Sullivan Mina L. Sutcliffe
Robert C. Sutcliffe - Air Force John Szalony Jacob G. Tash
James Walter Taliferro Carl J. Toomey Joseph M. Toomey
Jonah Umstead - Army Richard Updike - Army Joseph C. Van Fleet
Arthur C. Vernam - Air Force Edmund B. Vernam - Cost Guard John W. Vernam III - Navy
William S. Vernam - Marines Patricia Whitehead Samuel C. Whitehead - Coast Guard
Anthony Wilkin - Army Clarence H. Wilson John R. Wyks
Joseph W. Wyks George Wylie - Navy  

Korean War (1950 - 1953)

Phil Allen Charles Anderson Lewis Bambrick
William Bennett Dr. John A. Belton Charles Bish
Eward A. Bodine Charles O. Buckland John Buckley
Richard J. Butterfield Reginald Cantto John Canulli
Joseph Canulli Billl Comisky Henry F. Comisky
Pasquale Cortina Richard A. Dale George J. DeBlois
Al DeBlosio Joseph Denarsky Richard A. Donnelly
John W. Elder Sr. Ben Falkenberg Thomas Flynn
William C, Forst III John R. Foster John Fox
Anthony Gambino Charles Geter Richard C. Grier
Jim Gross Hubert R. Hamilton David H. Hinton
Philip Howley Sgt. Wm. R. Hunsicker John C. Hutchinson
Harry "DOC" Jammer Charles L. Ketterer Ron Koslowski
Joseph S. Lenarsky Jack Macaulay Nicholas J. Maldari
Isador Markowitz - Col. Army Thomas Tyler Moore Jack Morris
Charles Mune Charles J. Nalbone Billy J. O'Neal Sr.
Alfred Peluso Dick Powell - A/1st class USAF Larry Ray
Doyle M. Rowell Joe Ryzkowski William A. Salb
Joseph Scannella Max H. Seitz Jack Smith
Mary Smith John Wesley Stoop Frank Szalony
Jeffthroe Walker Sr. Gerald J. Wargo Sr. Charles Weyland
John H. Weyland Dr. John J. Womble Sr. George Wylie
Otto W. Zehl    

The Cold War - Taiwan Straits Crisis (1958 - 1959)

James C. Peoples

Vietnam War (1964 - 1959)

Mike Angermiller Ferdinand Bastedo Dennis J. Brophy * - Army
David Brown Sherman Chapman Jr. * -Army Ron Chmielewski
Charles Cruser Chris Danberry Ronald DeCoff
Robert DeFlesco Jr. Ronald DeLorenzo * - Marines David Evans
Richard Fink John Fox Robert Gray - E5 Army
Earl Griffis Russell Hanauer Chuck Heenan - Sgt. Army
William Hill Richard Hopkins Jr. William T. Jacobus * - Army
Harvey Johnson Dan C. Jones John C. Jones
L. Jones Jr. Paul Laba Joel Leeson
Bob Litz - Army Warren Lively II * - Army Ray Lubina
Elisa Lycol - Navy James Maddock Frank Manfredi
Harry Masterson Jr. - Army Ron Mittelstaedt William Murphy
John T. Nelson Rose Notarian Ronald A. Petro - Army
Frank Rickette Val Rishko William Scarbrough
John Smallwood Fred Smart III Joseph Spinelli
Andrew M. Styner Sr. - Army Jerry Sylvia * - Marines Nick Tackas
Randy Taweel Mike Termun Preston  H. Turner Jr. * - Marines
Harry E. Wagner * - Marines Mark Wetherbee Steven J. Wilfing - Army
Robert W. Worthington * - Army Wesley Wyckoff  

Gulf War (1990 - 1991)

Bert Allen III Allen Barth Donna Baumgartner
Patricia A. Baylog Lois Bennett Jerome L. Bounds
Larry W. Cabell Mike Colucci Curtis Davis
Michael Delahanty Sarif B. El-Amin Ralph Floyd
David Gardner Bill Grocott John R. Gusz
Eric Lamont Hood Arthur Hunt James Idland
Rolf Idland Charles Lifton George Malick Jr.
Tony Marchetti Troy Marshall Robert S. Neiman
Christopher Page Robert E. Peeck Hubert Perry
James Phillips Jr. Inez Prioleau Robert Price
Alberta Walker Robinson Raymond A. Schwab James Shaler
Raymond Smythe Peter J. Soden Mark Spaniccaiti
Daniel Stackhouse James Tuland Michael Tulumello
Charlene Tulumello Michael Valencia Alberta Walker
David Wandishin Robert J. Warren Richard Wesner
Jerry Yatskowitz John Zalarick  

Iraq War (2002 - 2011)

Joseph Nyzio - Army
David L. Peoples - Army

Afghanistan (2001 - 

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